Restaurant PROFIT is all in the SAUCE!

We help restaurant owners & managers Plan, Implement, Measure, and Review profitability. When all of the parties are working from the same recipe the restaurant can achieve a much higher rate of return. A return we call the “Profit Sauce”

First, our Hospitality Industry only Spotting Service that can give you professional insight on your operation. We have both classic and customized platforms to insure personal compliance and the desired outcome of your operation.

Second is our award winning inventory control software that takes basic inventory and makes the data more accurate and usable when managing your profit. Imaging having up to date menu costing on both food and liquor weekly that can instantly save you time and money. Did I mention we guarantee it?

How about our education platform for both Managers and Owners based on the PPC Guide to Restaurant Accounting? If your business could use a centralized management direction and you want to make sure you and your team are on the same page, then this is for you. We show you how to analysis your operation’s P&L and provide a wealth of best practices used by both independents and chain restaurants alike. This is the same stuff we professional impart on to Accounts and CPA’s across the nation as continuing education.

Finally, our Professional Services Platform. We provide bookkeeping, consulting, and tax services from our Hospitality specific CPA Service Group. We make sure things are covered like Work opportunity credits, Tip reporting and the management of, Section 179 depreciation, 15 yr life on qualified tenant improvements, and de minimis safe harbor for purchases and certain repairs. All of this is to help recover the cost of doing business and maintaining the highest possible margins. We know the rules and advise you accordingly.

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